Summer Update

I'm getting so excited for Otakon! Yes, I am going to Otakon in Baltimore with my bowling team next week. We are going from Thursday to Sunday.. which will be a nice vacation break too! There are a bunch of panels I already want to go to, including one about the martial arts in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Plus there's a few panels on drawing and animation! Maybe it'll inspire me to draw more often. Plus we will get to sightsee a bit, and just hang out! I also hope to buy some awesome souveniers.

Everything is going great at work.. I applied for a higher-up position and got it, which means I have my own office! ^_^ It's exciting, and I can't move in just yet but I can at least decorate and set it up.

Also, this weekend I am doing a day trip to Atlantic City with my Mom. It's actually an organized bus trip, so the ride there should be fun too. Hoping to hit the beach, shop, and gamble a little bit. :3

Once August rolls around and JoAnna is in her Brooklyn apartment, I will be moving into her room! I can get out of this hole in the wall.. plus I can hook up my xbox to the cable modem.. yes I broke down and bought an Xbox 360 Arcade. Game with two games, it has the basics and I won't be using it too much so I didn't want to spend too much on it. But another fun thing to waste my time with!

In conclusion, things I miss: World of Warcraft, Disney World, Lost, State College hang outs.
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It's Tanner Family Fun Night

Zomg, an update. I was watching Full House while eating sushi, and I don't know. I had been thinking about updating more frequently (I always say that) so I'll start now!

First off, Happy Earth Day! I didn't really do anything eco-friendly.. though I did go for an evening walk and enjoyed the weather. That counts right? I listened to my glee soundtrack on my new iPod shuffle the whole way. The Madonna episode this past week was awesome. And I didn't even care much for Madonna. I swear, glee could sing something I really hate and make me like it.

Work has been going well. I have a permanent position at the School of Nursing as a receptionist/secretary. I get to use some of my English skills (editing/writing) which is nice. And I really like interacting with the students. I recently got a thank you card from a student just for being kind and caring! Made me feel all gooey inside. I might consider pursuing a career in the administrative side of education, but for now I'm just enjoying the ride.

Tomorrow will be nice, as I am meeting Dillon (new boyfriend for the past couple months.. keep up with my life why don'tcha? :P) for lunch during my break. It'll be nice to get out from work for a little bit and spend some time with him! And then we are going to hang at Timmy's since he recently had a surgery and can't bowl anymore. :( We have to finish the season without our captain which sucks. Speaking of bowling, my new high score is 190! I got it during league too, which was awesome.

So anyways, let's see if I keep this up.

In conclusion, this.
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Aeris Butterfly


Starbucks makes a mean pumpkin bread. And since I'm feeling intellectual (kinda like these guys) with my warm Peppermint Mocha (which is best in the winter) I thought I'd update my LJ. Holy carp.

The main reason I haven't updated is that nothing really new or exciting has happened lately. My hours at work have been cut back, but that's only because of their budget, and I'm still technically 'temp.' But I'm waiting it out and hoping for bigger things to come from this. I'm hopeful.

And now for a list of things I've been into/fangirling lately:
*Avatar: The Last Air Bender
-At first I thought this show would be stupid, since it looked like an American anime which I didn't understand. But it is now one of my most beloved shows. The characters are great, there's humor, adventure.. etc. I recommend it to.. everyone! It's only three seasons long, and it leaves you wanting more. M. Night Shamalallama is making a live-action film.. but there's no way it could live up to this series.

-Umm.. yeah never thought I'd be into this show. But I was bored one night and watched the first ep. I love the music, though I could do without the cheesy scenes of kids singing in the hallway with no one noticing. If they kept it to the stage it'd be more appealing. I have a mini crush on Finn for some reason, but it's okay 'cause he's 27. Not a *must see*, but it's entertaining me for the time being.

-It's on TV constantly all of a sudden. Not my fault!

*Owl City - Fireflies and Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA
-I don't know why, but I'm hooked on these songs. They make me happy! ^_^

Anyways, I've been in my newest bowling league and have been having a lot of fun with that. My team is the greatest, though we don't always win we have a fun time. My average has improved a lot, starting from a 110-116 up to around a 123. My past couple games have been near the 150s.

Last night I hung with my buds, Keith, Colleen, and Ted. We watched an MST3K about the wolfman.. hilaaaaarious. And played some Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart for the Wii. Tons o' fun. We also hope to organize some kinda haunted hayride next week. Should be spooky! Hopefully. And not cheesy.

In conclusion, saw a True Hollywood Story today on Heath Ledger and it made me sad. :(
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I want a Marshall Erickson/Jason Segel because he is just too damn adorable. Goddammit. If only love actually went like we see in the movies/tv. How depressing.

I love my current job, sadly it comes to a close towards the end of August. I applied for a part time position there, and I would get benefits so here's hoping..

Also going back up to State College in a few weeks to see Michael graduate. Yaaay. Road trip should be fun.

Tomorrow is the office pool party, so hooray for half-days at work and the arrival of the weekend.

In conclusion, if I owned a bar, I would name it Puzzles..
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Beginnings of Summer

I have been very awful about updating, I apologize to my.. 2-4 readers. :) I've gotten a job! It's supposed to be part time for the next 3 months, but I'm hoping that if I do well enough they'll hang onto me. There's a position open that I may be able to apply for. They're giving me even more hours than I've started with and I think I'm doing a good job. It's a local School of Nursing and I do secretary/office assistant things, just recently began handling the phone lines. I also edit documents and do other odds and ends. Over all I like it. I'm constantly busy and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

I also joined a bowling league! I've missed bowling so much and it's nice to have a hobby outside of WoW with nearly strangers. I do have one friend on the league who invited me. Our team is War of Light, and I represent Death. Lawl. Apparently it's a comic reference dealing with the Green Lantern.. ish. I need to look it up. I did pretty crappy my first week. I was aiming to break 100 but ended up with a 97, 99, and 102. I'll get better as the weeks go on I hope.

Yesterday I saw UP with the gang, and I loved it so dearly. Nearly cried like 5 times, and laughed a lot. I don't feel like Pixar has had such a great movie in a long time. Wall-E was cute, but not completely moving imo. Same with the others I suppose.

Recently my love for Yellowcard has come back. I wish they were on tour again. >_< Other than these things life has been okay. I hope everything is well with the rest of you.

In conclusion, I want to be in love.
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Life in general

I haven't made a post in quite a bit, so I thought this rainy Friday morning would be appropriate. My life has been less than interesting. Job searching has been leading to dead ends, and most of my time is consumed by Warcraft. It really can be quite depressing. However, I made efforts to go to a job fair this past Wednesday, and although I had to pass on a lot of sales jobs I found an employment agency that may be able to find me work. I set up to go register there today, but received an e-mail that the woman I would meet with is out sick, so I rescheduled to Monday. Hopefully the weather is better then, too. :P

I'll be meeting up with my Dad this weekend and do my taxes. I'm running out of time! And hopefully it'll be a decent handful of cash. I'm running out of money to do awesome things like go to Nifty Fifties with Colleen, Keith, Tim, and Ted. We went last week and it was amaaazing. Well the most amazing part was the hot waffle with ice cream I had for dessert. But it was a fun time in general. I had never been to a Nifty Fifties and apparently in PA that's a crime. :P

In Warcraft news, the guild has been doing great. We have been running weekly 25-mans and we cleared 25-man Naxx last week. And I finally got my T7.5 helm! Woo! It was a huge upgrade. Also I got 50 pets so I now have Stinker the skunk! And he's adorable. Bajir, my horde shaman alt is 80 now too. :D I'll leave you now with some WoW screens.

Collapse )

In conclusion, how could I forget? Lost has been awesome too!
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I'm in the mood for orange juice..

The rest of Christmas was fine, but boring. We opened gifts Christmas morning, and I received Lost Season 4 (aiiee!) and Kung Fu Panda, a special edition that included a beanie baby of Po! So cute. Also I got the Cooking Trainer for the Nintendo DS, because I need to learn how to cook now that I'm a graduate. :P That's about it for gifts; it wasn't much this year because my Dad was in the hospital for a couple weeks. The rest of the day I spent playing WoW.. ha. We got pizza for dinner. We used to have a big holiday where we would spend time with relatives/friends.. but after a family gets separated it usually turns out a bit different as the years go on. /shrug

Since then not too much has happened. I need to buy a USB cable so I can hook up my photo printer to the computer.. there might be one in the house somewhere. Maybe I'll search tomorrow. Also might be doing more job hunting tomorrow. Also! I've been eating healthier/working out. I'm hoping to lose 20 lbs. That would be ideal, but isn't necessary. We'll see how it goes, but I'm trying very hard. :)

In conclusion, Charley shut up! The dog won't stop barking.
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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone! Well, it's not Christmas yet but close enough. I just spent the evening at my sister Danielle's apartment. It was her first Christmas there so she had dinner at her place. We were all there, even JoAnna and Jimmy came. We had a turkey dinner which was delicious, and we exchanged gifts. My Dad got me some Yellowcard CDs (since I lost some in Jo's car accident) and a truly awesome gift-- a photo printer. I can insert my digital camera's memory card, edit the photos and print them out! It can also hook up to the computer and I'm *hoping* it can take photos from my camera and save them to my compy. Anyways, it was an awesome gift, something I didn't think to get but perfect!

Yesterday was the Chauction with the diner group. I received homemade cookie dough, and my gift of a Master Chief Action Figure + comic was a hit. We played Rock Band and I just got to mingle with a lot of friends I haven't seen in awhile. All and all it's great to be home.

I'll update again with what the rest of my gifts are, since I'm exchanging with my Mom and JoAnna tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm going to sit by the lighted tree and watch Christmas movies. ^_^

In conclusion, please believe me Santa please! I've practically, been an angel.
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